Consignista was born out of frustration that the Founder experienced with her own consignment. A mother of two, with fire in her belly, she decided to create a consignment business that would provide consignors with an easy, convenient concierge consignment service and also give a guarantee that the client will earn what was agreed from day one; so any site wide reductions, or "flash" sales would come out of the company's bottom-line and not the clients.  While on the flip-side buyers get great items at prices they can afford. 

As the years have gone by, Consignista's community of buyers and sellers allowed us to launch and grow our Closets For Causes program where charities and individuals can elect that all or a portion of their share of their item's sale price can be donated to a cause of their choice; and if you donate, Consignista will match that donation*. People don't stop to think that designer items hanging in their closet can actually help others. 

Simply put, Consignista is more than just an online boutique selling genuine new or "as new" designer apparel, shoes and accessories. It has evolved into a vehicle to provide an option for its clients to give back from their closets, cut down on fashion's carbon footprint and gives flexibility to people who want return to the working environment by joining our Luxury Client Ambassador program.