As a Luxury Client Ambassador you will be required to be self-motivated and have a love for luxury. You must maintain a professional manner at all times. Confidentiality is paramount and all new recruits will be made to sign a Confidentiality Agreement in order to keep the privacy of Consignista's clientele.

This is a commission only role and you can work as little or as many hours as you wish as a result of how remuneration is paid. The more you work, the more commission you will earn.

Your responsibilities will include:

Sourcing new clients via personal or professional contacts such as you may have and cultivating those relationships. 

To develop ways in order to identify new and repeat consignors with Consignista.

You will be required to meet with consignors at the address provided at the time they make their premium concierge consignment appointment in order to inspect and list those items that you have deemed acceptable for consignment.

Attention to detail is paramount and you will be required to thoroughly inspect the consignor's items to ensure the designers are on Consignista's Directory of Designers Accepted and to ensure the condition meets our requirements and that items are authentic. Final inspection will be made by one of our team but you will be required to initially inspect the items as part of the process.

You will provide the client with the list of items you will be taking away with you for consignment and email a copy of the list of items to the Consignista corporate office.

You will report to and liaise with our Head of Merchandise Logistics and Client Relations in order to arrange the delivery of the accepted consignments to Consignista in order for us to process them in the system.