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  What better way to raise money for your favorite charity or cause than by selling those no longer loved designer items hanging in your closet.

Not only can YOU earn money from the sale of your items, but you can also make a donation from all or part of your earnings to help others and that donation could be as much as 80%. 

Maybe you are a charity or cause and are seeking additional ways to fundraise. If that's you, why not refer us as a preferred consignment choice and continue to build upon our strong and caring community of sellers that like to give back from their closets.

And let's not forget our buyers who can feel good about the purchases they make with us as every item that bears our charitable heart symbol means that a charity or cause will benefit from the sale and helps makes a difference to the world we live in.

Why not take a moment to read our Charity Spotlight to find out more about who we are helping through our Closets for Causes program?


As a "thank you", we match any donation made on any item bought or sold through Consignista under our Closets for Causes program*. 

Our consignment process is super easy. 

To find out more, simply complete and submit our "Get Involved" form and one of our fundraising specialists will contact you to explain in detail how it all works.

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With so many in need our Closets For Causes program helps charities and causes raise much needed money so that they can continue to make a difference; simply by our facilitating those who are more fortunate than others in refreshing and giving back from their closet.

We have an incredible consignor community that we work so hard to continually grow in order that we can continue to help others make a difference. No charity or cause is too big or too small; no luxury designer closet is refused. 

And let's not forget that consignment is environmentally friendly due to its recycling aspect. So we're all doing something to help the planet too.

*We will match up to 5% of any client donation