So we all know that a closet is a very personal thing. Having someone come into your home once you have decided to part with some coveted designer items can seem daunting. We get it. 

When you choose to consign with us you are provided with your very own Luxury Client Ambassador so you have the same person coming to you each and every time you consign. That way you can build a relationship with them and the consignment process becomes - well actually a pleasure.

So now in comes the title of this write-up "When is it time to say goodbye?" - goodbye to your designer items that is! Well in order to avoid consignor remorse (which is a term used when you have decided to consign something that you later feel a pang of regret that you have parted with) Consignista helps you never having to experience that unpleasant feeling because your Luxury Client Ambassador is there to listen to your consignment needs and if you are on the fence about selling a particular item, we'll tell you to hold off parting with it - we can always come back another time. But be honest with yourself, ask yourself the question "When was the last time I wore that?" anything that you haven't worn in over a year is a definitely a see ya later, bye even if it does have some memories to it. Doing things this way means you can be rest-assured you're making the right decision when you decide to consign.

Consignment done the less stressful way. What do you think?

-xo- Consignista -xo-