It's been a while, we know!

11/10/2016 8:13 AM

It's been a while, we know!

Call it writers block, or just call it we've been busy bees with all the changes we've made (for the better we believe) to Consignista.

Such as, we hear you cry! Well first you can now earn 60% when you consign with us. And yes, we still do not reduce your item's sale price unless you ask us to, PLUS if we do do a site wide promotion, it comes out of our pocket - not yours. Pretty neat.

What else? How about a great way to give back? Our Closets For Causes can turn your luxury designer items into a charitable donation to a cause of your choice. You can make any donation amount you want be it 1% through to 65% of your item's sale price or you can just take the cash yourself, we won't judge. The donation is tax deductible and as another incentive if you do decide to make such a donation, we will donate a further 5% to your chosen charity as a "thank you" for being a kind individual. It's really easy, find out more in our Closets for Causes category; Join us in our mantra which is "Help Us, Help You, Help Others".

As consignment is now considered "green tech" due to its recycling to help the environment appeal, we have a great line of environmentally friendly jewelry at fantastic prices. They make the perfect gift and are great value. We do of course have fine jewelry, but sometimes it's nice to have "fun with fashion".  Check out our accessories category to see what we mean.

Stay tuned for more updates - we have them coming.


Ways to avoid that sucker punch

10/1/2015 10:11 AM

Ways to avoid that sucker punch

If you are like me, to some extent you have given up buying your child clothes that you would love to see them in, for the gorgeous Janie and Jack dress to still be hanging in the closet with the tags on, is too heartbreaking.

So you decide that in the instance of clothes shopping for your children, it’s a case of picking your battles, and that this is a battle not worth fighting if you want to protect your bank balance!

I mean how many of us out there have believed the fateful answers to these questions when shopping with your children?

Mom:    “Are you sure you are going to wear this?”

Child:     “Yes mom, I promise.”

Mom:    “You aren’t going to say later it is too itchy, scratchy or Stella doesn’t like it?”

Child:     “No mom, I promise.”

So you pay for the clothes your child has not only tried on, but has devotedly promised to wear, and although you are not 100% convinced by what you have been told by your child, you feel fairly confident that by having allowed them to make a guided choice and having tried on the clothes that they need for the upcoming season, that these clothes will actually be worn.

However, a few weeks pass, and you realize that the “no mom they are really comfortable” jeans you bought them are still hanging in the closet and that the “I must have that” top to go with them is also still hanging there. This is when reality strikes, what I like to call the “sucker punch” – because when you ask why they haven’t yet worn those jeans or that top, they stomp off (and yes this is predominantly about girls here), roll their eyes and say, that the jeans are too “stiff” and the top is “too baggy”. Of course it is often too late to return these items and to be frank, it’s not the greatest idea to do so, because doing so would mean you are on the merry-go-round of constant shopping – if you are seen to rush to the store to exchange what you originally bought for something else, who knows if the same old excuses are going to come out of your delightful child’s mouth from those exchanges!

Does this sound familiar? Want to know what I do? If the season has passed and sadly there are a few things unworn, I consign them. You will see Janie and Jack dresses, some as I say with the tags still on available for purchase at and while it breaks my heart that these gorgeous dresses didn’t get the glory they deserved, at least it will give someone else the chance to wear it. One child’s loss, is another child’s gain right?

If you feel my pain, why not give consigning with a try, upload those clothes that were either never worn or worn a handful of times to the site from the comfort of your own home and earn money back on them to soften the blow – or if you are done spending vast sums of money on clothes that just don’t get worn, why not buy from – you can sit back smugly knowing that you have got a great deal and potentially avoid that “sucker punch”.

'til death do us part

1/5/2015 10:01 AM

'til death do us part

OK so maybe the title of this blog is a little dramatic but we want to hear from you - do you think there is such a thing as online customer loyalty?

We were asked recently "So, what's your attrition rate?" and we sat back and thought about this and it posed the question, how loyal are online customers? We are not talking about shopping at a department store or your favorite kids boutique that is online, more the site that sells apparel. What makes someone come back to a particular website time and time again?

Do you think that the avid online shopper is just looking for a particular item that if they find cheaper elsewhere they will make that purchase? What would you do if is selling those twinkle toes sneakers for $42.99 when is selling the exact same pair at a price of $37.99? And what about free shipping? Does that influence someone's decision to make a purchase? And how about customer reviews - do they count? So many questions we know but definitely ones that give food for thought.

The online business is a highly competitive beast. Trust us, ecommerce is not for the faint hearted. So while this blog is a short and sweet one, and thankfully our attrition rate is not high, what's your view? Are you a loyal online shopper? If so, why?

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