Consider Your Closet For A Cause

Let us introduce you to our caring consignor community who elect to give back some or all of their earnings when their item sells. They come from all walks of life but have the most fabulous closets out there. A considerable amount never worn and most of the items with the tags still attached. How lucky is it for the purchaser to not only snag a designer deal what is up to 90% off of retail, but that in some instances a percentage of the earnings is going to a cause of their choice. Any item that has monies going to a cause of our consignors choice will bear our charitable heart symbol against the product so you can look good, feel good and know you are doing good. We think it's kinda nice.

Perhaps you have something in your closet that you would like to consign and take advantage of our Closets for Causes program. That's great! All you need to do is select the designer items you no longer wish to have taking up space in your closet and make an appointment online with us at a time and date convenient to you.

Maybe you are thinking how much of a difference consigning and giving back from your closet will do. Well, one of the causes we work with, an animal charity has saved the lives of thousands of cats and dogs with their mobile clinics that spay and neuter these animals, which helps stop the euthanizing of these animals. Kind of solves a problem and makes a difference to these animals lives right?

No cause too big, no cause too small. Whatever the cause make a start today because there's hidden dollars in that closet that you can put to good use.

Oh and did we mention that Consignista also makes a donation of 5% to the cause of your choice just to show we care too.

Why not start to make a difference today?

Let's Try to Stop Upsetting Mother Nature

While the State of Texas is still in turmoil over Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma is up to devastating mischief. Referred to as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm with winds of up to 155 miles an hour it's truly frightening. 

It is reported that Hurricane Harvey, a Category 3 hurricane was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the US since Wilma in 2005 ending a 12 year drought. Harvey is also reported to be the third-costliest Atlantic hurricane causing approximately $70 billion in damage. Who knows what Irma will do.

You may ask yourself why we are writing about hurricane's and what does it have to do with designer consignment? To be honest, not much HOWEVER it is clear that global warming is a very real problem and one we all need to be more mindful of. What is relevant to us and this story is consignment is a great way of making some extra money or making a donation to that cause or charity AND you are recycling which is ever important to the global warming problem we have. 

We bet you didn't know that the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year - that's a lot people. If you're thinking I can't be bothered to head to a consignment store with a bag full of no longer wanted clothing, use our premium concierge service where we will come to you and take care of the whole process. It can't get any easier than that! It may also mean that there's a chance that Mother Nature will become a little happier and she may refrain from showing her wrath to the degree she currently is.   

The 4 "C's" of Consignista

2/6/2017 8:47 AM

The 4

Like the 4 “C’s” of a diamond, Consignista also has 4 “C’s” to its business model. These 4 “C’s” are what we feel are part of what separates us from the other consignment choices you may have out there. Let us tell you about them:

The first C, Consignista:

Consignista was founded in 2012 by Penny Oloughnane, a UK resident who moved to the USA for a better quality of life for her family. In December 2011 she consigned an item herself in a bricks-and-mortar store. She was new to consignment as it was a totally unheard of concept in the UK. She found there was also no privacy at the appointment and the assistant was more than just a little rude. Then the item she consigned was slashed in price after 30 days by 80% without notice (although it was in the fine print of the terms) and she received pennies on the dollar. She then had to wait 3 months for her check and was charged a $3.50 administration fee for a check that had her last name totally misspelt. Completely frustrated, Consignista was born; a luxury designer consignment site for women, men and children. She promised herself that when someone consigned an item with Consignista, they would receive the check they were told they would and that if any site wide promotion was executed, that sale would come out of Consignista’s pocket.

The standard of merchandise was, and is, of particular importance. Luxury designer items are either new, or “as new”. This standard is reflected in Consignista’s returns rate of less than 0.1%. As Consignista evolved, the second “C” was born.

The second C, Charity:

Consignista’s Closets for Causes program, provides the option to our consignors to make a charitable donation from the sale of their items to a charity of choice.

Our consignors earn 60% when their items sell. They can decide whether any of their earnings will go towards a charity of choice. The donation can be anywhere from 1% up to 60% of their sales and will be calculated by Consignista and paid as per their request. Consignista is not a 501c3, however, consignors are provided with a letter stating what percentage of their payment went towards charity and the fact that the organization is a registered 501c3.  

In addition to any charitable donation our consignors may make, Consignista will also make a contribution of an additional 5% to the charity of choice.

Consignista has an incredible consignor community that we work so hard to continually grow in order that we can continue to help others make a difference. No charity or cause is too big or too small; no luxury designer closet is refused.  

When you shop Consignista’s virtual shelves of luxury designer items with our “charitable heart” sign means a portion of your purchase is supporting a charity.

The third C, Convenience:

Consigning with Consignista is easy. Go to, select “Consign” and schedule a Premium Concierge Consignment Appointment there and then at a time convenient to you. Once you have made your appointment, you will be assigned a dedicated Luxury Client Ambassador who will come to you and inspect the items you wish to sell. You will be provided with an e-receipt of those items that have been accepted. Your accepted items will then be taken away to be uploaded to the website for sale. Within 3-7 days (depending upon how many items there are) you will receive an updated e-receipt with competitive market pricing and your items are at this time published to the website.  This service is offered within a 25 mile radius of our Head Office in Greenwich, CT.

The fourth C, Confidential:

Consignista is proud to have a wonderful consignor community and some of these consignors are high net worth individuals who can be very private. We understand this and it is one of the reasons that our consignors are allocated a dedicated Luxury Client Ambassador so each time a consignor wishes to consign they know who is coming to their door. A closet is a personal thing and we get that. Our Luxury Client Ambassadors are made to sign a Confidentiality Agreement so there is no “talk out of school”. To some, this may not be important, but to others, it is. We just that extra step to demonstrate we care.



It's been a while, we know!

11/10/2016 8:13 AM

It's been a while, we know!

Call it writers block, or just call it we've been busy bees with all the changes we've made (for the better we believe) to Consignista.

Such as, we hear you cry! Well first you can now earn 60% when you consign with us. And yes, we still do not reduce your item's sale price unless you ask us to, PLUS if we do do a site wide promotion, it comes out of our pocket - not yours. Pretty neat.

What else? How about a great way to give back? Our Closets For Causes can turn your luxury designer items into a charitable donation to a cause of your choice. You can make any donation amount you want be it 1% through to 65% of your item's sale price or you can just take the cash yourself, we won't judge. The donation is tax deductible and as another incentive if you do decide to make such a donation, we will donate a further 5% to your chosen charity as a "thank you" for being a kind individual. It's really easy, find out more in our Closets for Causes category; Join us in our mantra which is "Help Us, Help You, Help Others".

As consignment is now considered "green tech" due to its recycling to help the environment appeal, we have a great line of environmentally friendly jewelry at fantastic prices. They make the perfect gift and are great value. We do of course have fine jewelry, but sometimes it's nice to have "fun with fashion".  Check out our accessories category to see what we mean.

Stay tuned for more updates - we have them coming.


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