Ways to avoid that sucker punch

10/1/2015 10:11 AM

Ways to avoid that sucker punch

If you are like me, to some extent you have given up buying your child clothes that you would love to see them in, for the gorgeous Janie and Jack dress to still be hanging in the closet with the tags on, is too heartbreaking.

So you decide that in the instance of clothes shopping for your children, it’s a case of picking your battles, and that this is a battle not worth fighting if you want to protect your bank balance!

I mean how many of us out there have believed the fateful answers to these questions when shopping with your children?

Mom:    “Are you sure you are going to wear this?”

Child:     “Yes mom, I promise.”

Mom:    “You aren’t going to say later it is too itchy, scratchy or Stella doesn’t like it?”

Child:     “No mom, I promise.”

So you pay for the clothes your child has not only tried on, but has devotedly promised to wear, and although you are not 100% convinced by what you have been told by your child, you feel fairly confident that by having allowed them to make a guided choice and having tried on the clothes that they need for the upcoming season, that these clothes will actually be worn.

However, a few weeks pass, and you realize that the “no mom they are really comfortable” jeans you bought them are still hanging in the closet and that the “I must have that” top to go with them is also still hanging there. This is when reality strikes, what I like to call the “sucker punch” – because when you ask why they haven’t yet worn those jeans or that top, they stomp off (and yes this is predominantly about girls here), roll their eyes and say, that the jeans are too “stiff” and the top is “too baggy”. Of course it is often too late to return these items and to be frank, it’s not the greatest idea to do so, because doing so would mean you are on the merry-go-round of constant shopping – if you are seen to rush to the store to exchange what you originally bought for something else, who knows if the same old excuses are going to come out of your delightful child’s mouth from those exchanges!

Does this sound familiar? Want to know what I do? If the season has passed and sadly there are a few things unworn, I consign them. You will see Janie and Jack dresses, some as I say with the tags still on available for purchase at and while it breaks my heart that these gorgeous dresses didn’t get the glory they deserved, at least it will give someone else the chance to wear it. One child’s loss, is another child’s gain right?

If you feel my pain, why not give consigning with a try, upload those clothes that were either never worn or worn a handful of times to the site from the comfort of your own home and earn money back on them to soften the blow – or if you are done spending vast sums of money on clothes that just don’t get worn, why not buy from – you can sit back smugly knowing that you have got a great deal and potentially avoid that “sucker punch”.

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Being a mom and an entrepreneur

On the very last day before my children went back to school, I felt compelled to write this blog as I reflected on the almost 11 week's vacation they had, where they spent every day with me - no joke. And as I was sitting on the local beach in Greenwich, CT with my children playing in the sand, I was working, as I have been every day since the summer vacation started! What did my children do? I involved them. A young mind on Polyvore is an interesting thing - my children's postings where "loved" more than the consignista team members postings!

As a lot of moms out there are already painfully aware, being a working mom is no easy task. Forget city traders, working moms trade every day and we could teach professional jugglers a thing or too also. But this latest blog isn't about how easy men sometimes (yes I did say sometimes) have it, it was just that while my children were playing on the beach and I was frantically working on my iPad, the question of "what made me start" popped into my head. Which led me to ask "What makes other moms enter the world of starting a business?" I am sure there are many interesting stories out there - and please do share them by commenting on this blog - but for me I sat back and thought to myself, if I had known how much hard work and juggling I had to do, would I have started a business in the first place?

Clearly the redhead in me meant that I didn't give launching my consignment site a second thought - I was empowered, I could do this and there was no doubt in my mind. But when reality struck, the site was launched; the immensity of the task was a daunting one. But I am a doer, a worker and boy do I love a challenge! And not only that, I have children to be there for. Being an absent mom just wasn't an option for me. There had to be a balance. And it's the balance that is so tough. I still get days when I feel so guilty about the amount of time I spend at my desk or in front of my iPad.

The upside however is that by starting it has shown my children that the world has changed and that sometimes, it isn't daddy bringing home the bacon - but that that's OK - after all, family is about being a united team. As long as we are all pulling in the same direction, who cares who pays the bills, as long as they get paid. I think that's why I started, initially. And boy I have learned a lot - fast. It's expanded my mind exponentially.

So to wrap up, and as bizarre as it may sound, family made me start my business - to help provide, inspire and grow - why did you start your business?

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