Do retail collaborations with resale blur the lines?

So as avid fans of resale you have probably heard the news about retailers entering the resale space either on their own or using ThredUp's resale platform. 

What do you think about big retailers such as Macy's J.C. Penney, Gap, Athleta joining the resale space? Do you think it takes away the essence of what traditional resale means?

Take Nordstrom as an example; they announced that they were launching their own resale shop called "See You Tomorrow" where customers can browse "used" apparel via one brick and mortar locale in New York. Nordstrom's definition of "used" is either items that are purchased from Nordstrom but are then returned, or if an item is received by a customer damaged, Nordstrom refurbishes it and it is then made available for sale at "See You Tomorrow". That doesn't sound like traditional resale to us - does it to you? 

Typically (and we appreciate things are forever evolving) an individual with a bulging closet would have the option of selling their unwanted items via a bricks and mortar consignment store or now, more typically, via a resale website. But with retailers entering the space does that mean it will push out the individual fabulous closet? 

Could it just be said that big box retailers are attempting to muscle in by using the buzz word "resale" which makes them look cool and sustainable in order to enter the resale space to boost their decline in sales.

Guess we will just have to sit back and watch the chips fall where they may. In the meantime we would love to know what does resale mean to you or what your take is on it all?
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Consider Your Closet For A Cause

Let us introduce you to our caring consignor community who elect to give back some or all of their earnings when their item sells. They come from all walks of life but have the most fabulous closets out there. A considerable amount never worn and most of the items with the tags still attached. How lucky is it for the purchaser to not only snag a designer deal what is up to 90% off of retail, but that in some instances a percentage of the earnings is going to a cause of their choice. Any item that has monies going to a cause of our consignors choice will bear our charitable heart symbol against the product so you can look good, feel good and know you are doing good. We think it's kinda nice.

Perhaps you have something in your closet that you would like to consign and take advantage of our Closets for Causes program. That's great! All you need to do is select the designer items you no longer wish to have taking up space in your closet and make an appointment online with us at a time and date convenient to you.

Maybe you are thinking how much of a difference consigning and giving back from your closet will do. Well, one of the causes we work with, an animal charity has saved the lives of thousands of cats and dogs with their mobile clinics that spay and neuter these animals, which helps stop the euthanizing of these animals. Kind of solves a problem and makes a difference to these animals lives right?

No cause too big, no cause too small. Whatever the cause make a start today because there's hidden dollars in that closet that you can put to good use.

Oh and did we mention that Consignista also makes a donation of 5% to the cause of your choice just to show we care too.

Why not start to make a difference today?

When is it time to say goodbye?

So we all know that a closet is a very personal thing. Having someone come into your home once you have decided to part with some coveted designer items can seem daunting. We get it. 

When you choose to consign with us you are provided with your very own Luxury Client Ambassador so you have the same person coming to you each and every time you consign. That way you can build a relationship with them and the consignment process becomes - well actually a pleasure.

So now in comes the title of this write-up "When is it time to say goodbye?" - goodbye to your designer items that is! Well in order to avoid consignor remorse (which is a term used when you have decided to consign something that you later feel a pang of regret that you have parted with) Consignista helps you never having to experience that unpleasant feeling because your Luxury Client Ambassador is there to listen to your consignment needs and if you are on the fence about selling a particular item, we'll tell you to hold off parting with it - we can always come back another time. But be honest with yourself, ask yourself the question "When was the last time I wore that?" anything that you haven't worn in over a year is a definitely a see ya later, bye even if it does have some memories to it. Doing things this way means you can be rest-assured you're making the right decision when you decide to consign.

Consignment done the less stressful way. What do you think?

-xo- Consignista -xo-

Knock, Knock, Fall's Here Are You Ready?
If you haven't had the time to fill your closet with new Fall fashions, then you may want to hold off on packing some of your versatile #summer2fall fashion duds. With a few simple styling secrets you can take your favorite Summer basics into Fall. Like pairing your Tuxedo Strip Pants from those Summer nights with a long sleeve top is an easy flip to having you looking chic in the Fall. 

Got that perfect strapless Red Dress hanging in your closet? A simple red dress can span the seasons with just a clever cover-up or even pairing a wrap dress with the addition of a blazer/motorcycle jacket and close-toed shoes or motorcycle boot. 

With Black Shorts it doesn't get easier than this! Make a classic pair of black shorts winter-ready with the addition of seasonal tights of your liking. For added warmth-consider hosiery. 

Trousers aren't solely for sunshine-filled days of what was a beautiful summer's day by the pool. Trousers can be paired with a matching print top and can even add a nice boyfriend blazer. For the Fall day where Happy Hour is sunny and you don't wanna feel weighted down... trousers with an embellished tee and a bright bag can be FIRE for FALL! 

Leather Leggings are always in, yes all year round (only leather*). Just layer on a sweater/cardigan/vest--velvet or cashmere for that chill relaxed Fall night. 

If you haven't invested in a Jumpsuit yet, we highly recommended you add a few of these to your closet. Our favorite being the Sleeveless Jumpsuit paired with a jacket that will help make that low- cut neckline pop. If the occasion is right add some sequins or bling. 

The Classic Jean Skirt goes with anything and is great for those Fall casual nights with a silky long sleeve top.

Resale Reality

8/5/2015 10:16 AM

Resale Reality

What would you say people’s perception of apparel consignment is? Do you think that for the majority of people, consignment (that we like to call resale) conjures up an image of years gone by when such a store contained old, unwanted and used clothing that had a smell of grandma’s attic? Or do you think life has moved on, and that people have now caught onto the savvy way to buy designer and high quality brand items? Here’s why we ask what you think:

We recently participated in the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce's Sidewalk Sale that supports the community in which is based. As an online consignment site we don't have a physical store anywhere, so to say "hello" to our customers (new and old) we hold fun shopping events in chosen venues and thought Sidewalk Sale would be fun. At this event we schlepped a large selection of our inventory to showcase the fabulous things we have to offer to the shoppers that come from far and wide to snag a deal.

Our inventory generally comes from those who are financially fortunate and who in some instances, elect to donate their percentage of a sale to their desired charity or cause. This means that they are “giving back” while allowing the rest of us to buy something we may not otherwise be able to afford. Or, in some cases, where the item is no longer available elsewhere but we have located that very item in someone’s closet. The quality of our consigned items have been referred to on many occasions as “sample sale quality”. We are exceptionally lucky about where we obtain our stream of consigned items, they are either new still with the tags, or have been worn a couple of times, where there is no evidence of wear whatsoever. Whichever way, we have OCD where quality of merchandize is concerned; but let’s get back to the subject at hand, why do we want to know what you think about people's views on resale?

From our experience, people either love resale or don't. One such example was a woman who was collating a pile of children’s Graphic Ts at Sidewalk Sale all priced at $4.00 each. Some of these Ts had never been worn, while the others had no signs of wear whatsoever. She seemed content with her pending purchases, when someone she was with, strolled up to her and said in a disapproving tone, “Did you know this is consignment?”. She instantly put the Ts back. Her friend then said “You would never know though would you?”. As ridiculous as the statements they made may sound, it is true.

On the other hand, we had shoppers coming back three times in one day because they couldn’t get over the quality and price of the merchandize we had to offer at the Sidewalk Sale, they just couldn’t resist a bargain. These shoppers had arms full of clothes to try on and were thrilled to have items fit, look great and not break the bank when they paid for them!

It does take all sorts to make the world go round, we know, but we find it’s such an interestingly stark difference in reaction – there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to resale.

But here’s what we think is the reality; whatever you wear, no-one knows where you bought it from. Who wants to be the one to pay over the odds to the tune of $155 for Kate Spade Meada Bag that retails at $295.00 when you can buy the same bag from us, brand new for $140? We know what makes sense to us - do you? Now that sounds like a challenge!

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