OK so here's the question; do you prefer to buy designer clothes, shoes and handbags or are you just as happy and still get the thrill when you make a high street fashion purchase? Either preference is fine but have you stopped to think about the resale value of that purchase?

Here's why we ask, we realize that buying that Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM tote may hit deep into the bank account at an estimated retail price of $1050; In fact, you may have even been saving in what seems like forever to buy that coveted piece but, is it really that expensive when you can re-sell that sought after bag for upwards of $700? We don't think so. Of course, you may never want to sell it and that is completely fine but it does make that hefty retail price seem not so bad in the event that one day you do sell it. It's kinda like shopping without the guilt.

Sell it, earn some money from it and upgrade that handbag for another Louis or perhaps you've cast your eye on a Chanel bag or HermèsHave you even considered buying a handbag on consignment? It really is becoming the new way to shop. Some bags have never even been used. And no, we're not crazy!

And resale value of designer items doesn't just extend to bags, it reaches clothes and shoes too. New shoes such as Jimmy Choo Cosmic Pumps and Chanel to boot (no pun intended) without the retail price. 

Just some food for thought. Happy shopping!