So as avid fans of resale you have probably heard the news about retailers entering the resale space either on their own or using ThredUp's resale platform. 

What do you think about big retailers such as Macy's J.C. Penney, Gap, Athleta joining the resale space? Do you think it takes away the essence of what traditional resale means?

Take Nordstrom as an example; they announced that they were launching their own resale shop called "See You Tomorrow" where customers can browse "used" apparel via one brick and mortar locale in New York. Nordstrom's definition of "used" is either items that are purchased from Nordstrom but are then returned, or if an item is received by a customer damaged, Nordstrom refurbishes it and it is then made available for sale at "See You Tomorrow". That doesn't sound like traditional resale to us - does it to you? 

Typically (and we appreciate things are forever evolving) an individual with a bulging closet would have the option of selling their unwanted items via a bricks and mortar consignment store or now, more typically, via a resale website. But with retailers entering the space does that mean it will push out the individual fabulous closet? 

Could it just be said that big box retailers are attempting to muscle in by using the buzz word "resale" which makes them look cool and sustainable in order to enter the resale space to boost their decline in sales.

Guess we will just have to sit back and watch the chips fall where they may. In the meantime we would love to know what does resale mean to you or what your take is on it all?