Resale Reality

8/5/2015 10:16 AM

Resale Reality

What would you say people’s perception of apparel consignment is? Do you think that for the majority of people, consignment (that we like to call resale) conjures up an image of years gone by when such a store contained old, unwanted and used clothing that had a smell of grandma’s attic? Or do you think life has moved on, and that people have now caught onto the savvy way to buy designer and high quality brand items? Here’s why we ask what you think:

We recently participated in the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce's Sidewalk Sale that supports the community in which is based. As an online consignment site we don't have a physical store anywhere, so to say "hello" to our customers (new and old) we hold fun shopping events in chosen venues and thought Sidewalk Sale would be fun. At this event we schlepped a large selection of our inventory to showcase the fabulous things we have to offer to the shoppers that come from far and wide to snag a deal.

Our inventory generally comes from those who are financially fortunate and who in some instances, elect to donate their percentage of a sale to their desired charity or cause. This means that they are “giving back” while allowing the rest of us to buy something we may not otherwise be able to afford. Or, in some cases, where the item is no longer available elsewhere but we have located that very item in someone’s closet. The quality of our consigned items have been referred to on many occasions as “sample sale quality”. We are exceptionally lucky about where we obtain our stream of consigned items, they are either new still with the tags, or have been worn a couple of times, where there is no evidence of wear whatsoever. Whichever way, we have OCD where quality of merchandize is concerned; but let’s get back to the subject at hand, why do we want to know what you think about people's views on resale?

From our experience, people either love resale or don't. One such example was a woman who was collating a pile of children’s Graphic Ts at Sidewalk Sale all priced at $4.00 each. Some of these Ts had never been worn, while the others had no signs of wear whatsoever. She seemed content with her pending purchases, when someone she was with, strolled up to her and said in a disapproving tone, “Did you know this is consignment?”. She instantly put the Ts back. Her friend then said “You would never know though would you?”. As ridiculous as the statements they made may sound, it is true.

On the other hand, we had shoppers coming back three times in one day because they couldn’t get over the quality and price of the merchandize we had to offer at the Sidewalk Sale, they just couldn’t resist a bargain. These shoppers had arms full of clothes to try on and were thrilled to have items fit, look great and not break the bank when they paid for them!

It does take all sorts to make the world go round, we know, but we find it’s such an interestingly stark difference in reaction – there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to resale.

But here’s what we think is the reality; whatever you wear, no-one knows where you bought it from. Who wants to be the one to pay over the odds to the tune of $155 for Kate Spade Meada Bag that retails at $295.00 when you can buy the same bag from us, brand new for $140? We know what makes sense to us - do you? Now that sounds like a challenge!

C'est Magnifique Revente

3/1/2015 12:01 PM

C'est Magnifique Revente

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter Ready to Wear 2015/2016 (yes we did say Autumn/Winter) is about to begin and it is without doubt that Paris Fashion Week has international intrigue.</p>

Some may be fortunate enough to be present at such a stunning runway show and are no doubt bubbling with excitement about what they will see on the runway. Designers such as Balenciaga, Chloe, Christian Dior, John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Valentino to name but a few who will be showcasing their new masterpieces. What can we expect? How soon will these runway designs be watered downed with a "high street' version that will hit the stores? And let's be honest, a more affordable version. We shall, as we are sure you will, wait with baited breath to find out.

Stella McCartney Runway The good news is that the wealthy and famous who attend these runway shows fill their enormous, but bulging, closets with the upcoming season's fashions and have no further use for those coveted items from seasons past. So what do some of the wealthy and famous do? They consign their items with us. That's great news not just for, but also for you! No need to scratch your head as to why, because not only are these designer items affordable when consigned, but they have either never been worn because they haven't gotten around to it, or have been worn once or twice at a push. And the items we have on sale are not just limited to women's fashions either. Oh no! Fabulous children's items come flooding in, also with a sprinkle of men's designs. And while as the saying goes, the rich may get richer, some of our consignors, donate some or all of their percentage of their items' sale to a charity or cause of their choice. That means you are helping them give back when you buy those stunning items that were once in their closet.

Don't believe us? OK, so let's give you some examples of some of the items we have listed on our site, to put the proof in the pudding so to speak; How about an Oscar de la Renta sleeveless sweater NWT that was sent to a client directly from the runway? Oh, perhaps an array of black &amp; purple label Ralph Lauren t-shirts and spring time sweaters that are in as new condition or NWT? Or an Yves Saint Laurent black tank, Prada shoes and handbags. The list goes on. The good news is that more items are being listed with us on a regular basis and inventory continues to grow. And as we say, the items we have just mentioned have 50% of the proceeds going to a charity or cause of the consignors' choice. It's a win, win for all. The consignor makes space in their closet for their newly purchased items, you get a great deal on a runway look and you both get to give back when an item sells. We think it's pretty neat.</p>

So, make sure you keep on coming back to visit to check out the goodies we are continually listing.

For now au revoir. Vous voir le mois prochain.

'til death do us part

1/5/2015 10:01 AM

'til death do us part

OK so maybe the title of this blog is a little dramatic but we want to hear from you - do you think there is such a thing as online customer loyalty?

We were asked recently "So, what's your attrition rate?" and we sat back and thought about this and it posed the question, how loyal are online customers? We are not talking about shopping at a department store or your favorite kids boutique that is online, more the site that sells apparel. What makes someone come back to a particular website time and time again?

Do you think that the avid online shopper is just looking for a particular item that if they find cheaper elsewhere they will make that purchase? What would you do if is selling those twinkle toes sneakers for $42.99 when is selling the exact same pair at a price of $37.99? And what about free shipping? Does that influence someone's decision to make a purchase? And how about customer reviews - do they count? So many questions we know but definitely ones that give food for thought.

The online business is a highly competitive beast. Trust us, ecommerce is not for the faint hearted. So while this blog is a short and sweet one, and thankfully our attrition rate is not high, what's your view? Are you a loyal online shopper? If so, why?

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